Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MLA Lesson Reflection

Today I taught a lesson that I have presented for several years in a row on MLA citations. The lesson was for a team of 7th grade ELA students. Out of the five classes I taught today, three were on-level, one was co-taught, and one was enriched.

You can find my lesson plan here. A quick overview: I used Kahoot! to review last week's lesson on primary and secondary sources. Interestingly, my co-taught performed much better on this one than the on-level, and even the enriched classes. I am wondering if it is because I moved much more slowly through the original lesson? Or because  purposefully orally reviewed the information before starting the quiz?

Anyway, after the Kahoot! quiz, I worked through an MLA slideshow, which includes a pretty hysterical YouTube video about plagiarism:

I don't care how tough they acted, those 7th graders were tapping their toes and wiggling to the beat!

We stopped a few slides in and completed a sample MLA citation of a book using a worksheet I posted in Google Classroom. We then moved on to Websites, and did the same thing.

Interesting Observations:
* I had the on-level and enriched kiddos work through the citations on their own, with some guidance from me and their teacher.
* I went step-by-step with the co-taught class so were were always at the same point on the worksheet.
* MLA is HARD to make interesting. Once I moved past the multimedia portion of the lesson, I lost the kids.

Lingering Questions:
* I am still doing most of the work in my classroom. I just don't understand how to make them responsible for their own learning. How do I get 7th grade students to learn about MLA without me standing in the front teaching from a slideshow? What does that LOOK like? 

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