Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Digital Learning Day 2016 @ Etown

Today is Digital Learning Day 2016. DLD is a time for teachers to share how they are integrating technology into their curriculum. I didn't even know about it until I attended a Twitter chat the other night, and I was so excited to hear how other districts are using this day to collaborate and share successes.

So here are a few things going on in our world at Etown:

In Mr. BPs Tech and Engineering classes, students create model cars in CAD and then use the 3D printer to print their models.

In Ms. Bronson's middle school Spanish class, students use Edupuzzle to create videos.

Mrs. Newton's math classes used Google Classroom to share students a graphing assignment in which they had to use parent functions to create an image and graph it using an online graphing calculator.

Mr. Ivans' business classes used Kahoot! to review a unit.

Mr. Eurich's science classes created lab reports using  images of the lab set up taken with their iPads. The reports were completed using Google Slides along with various Apps (Snitch, BaiBoard) and submitted hrough Schoology.

Madame Crawford's class worked with a class in Paris to create and share Google Slides presentations...sort of a digital pen pal project.

So yeah, we're kind of awesome!

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  1. I am so inspired by all of our EASD students! These first-generation digital natives make Digital Learning Day not just February 16th, but every day. They are uninhibited by the awesome technologies of learning and eager to explore the numerous possibilities they hold. I am so proud of our staff; they continue to offer new venues of learning through the ever-expanding opportunities of technology. Thank you, Dr. Hall, and all these teachers. You inspire me - a digital immigrant, to stay a while in this future-forward realm. Maybe one day, I'll even apply for citizenship!