Sunday, July 16, 2017

Slice of Life

Most of my blogging is professional in focus, or at least it tries to be. But thanks to Two Writing Teachers, today I'm going to focus on a slice of my life.

This is beach week for my family. For the past 21 years we have spent a week as an extended family at a tiny military recreation area in North Carolina.

Beach week is really big for my family for a couple of reasons.

1. We slow things down.
I have two teenage boys, a military husband, and a puppy. Life can be a little crazy. Beach week lets us step away from the crazy and breathe.
Reading by the dock. Catching up on Launch by John Spencer

2. We spend time together.
Now please don't get me wrong. Norman Rockwell we ain't . There is still arguing and nit-picking. But last night we all got in kayaks and floated down the Cape Fear river and watched the sun go down. I walked in from a walk yesterday to find my boys playing a card game...and trust me, that is NOT a daily occurrence in this house.

3. We try new things.
Yesterday my husband and I decided to try something new. We rented bikes and headed down the beach to the ferry. In all the years we've been coming here, we have never taken the ferry. Didn't even know where it went. So we paid our $4 and hopped on. The scenery on the ferry was worth every penny. The 45 minute ride was filled with sea gulls, flying fish, and solitude. We rode off the ferry and headed to the nearest town. We ended up in Southport, NC which I truly believe might have some magic in it. It was stunningly beautiful. With no real plan in mind, we leisurely biked through the downtown area, got ice cream at Spike' s Dairy Shack (much better than it sounds), and ended up at the public library.
Whenever we travel, I always find the library and take a picture. The local library says so much about a community, and you can see from the picture I took in Southport, it says a lot about this charming town.

4. We rest.
I nap every day on vacation. Every. Day. We sleep in. We stay up late watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the 112th time. We move slowly. We take it easy. Although summer vacation as a whole is a time of rest for me and the boys, beach week is a whole new level of relaxation.

And one story...
Time to keep it real. In case you have the mistaken impression that this is a perfect, idyllic vacation, I must share a true "slice" of my life. A few days ago we headed to the beach. J (my 13-year old) was boogie boarding happily. I was sitting in my chair reading on my Kindle. Dear hubby was walking down the beach. Next thing I know J is shrieking at the top of his lungs. I look up and he is running around in circles, WITHOUT ANY PANTS. Totally naked. He was yelling "MOM, MOM SOMETHING BIT MY BUTT!" I'm totally frozen, trying to decide whether to help my naked child or act like he belongs to someone else. I did the right thing, grabbed a towel and created a curtain around him as he graphically described to me how a jellyfish swam up his swim trunks and stung his rear.

Photo courtesy of

I am quite certain the jellyfish was unfairly blamed and that he merely suffered from a rash from the sand. But the only thing that would calm him down was a promise to head straight to the store to buy vinegar to pour on his rear.

So hopefully that makes my life a little clearer. But despite the drama, I wouldn't change a thing. Beach week is a tradition that draws my family a little closer each year.
And that's my slice of life...

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