Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Planning

It seems like I've been waiting for summer break since Christmas. It's finally here, and what am I doing? Spending countless hours perusing my favorite teacher blogs, reading posts in my Facebook groups, and scrolling through Twitter.

It's the teacher's plight. We just can't help it. I love the approach  Two Writing Teachers takes to the summer planning frenzy. Embrace it, know it's coming, and try to plan in some time away from it all. As in all things in my life, I need a plan if I'm going to get it done. So I am borrowing liberally from the Two Writing Teachers idea for summer planning. Here's what I'm going to do with the rest of my summer:


To Read
To Do
  • Beach Time!
  • Yearly plans for all grades (5-8), just map out the topics
  • Sketch out yearly plan for Makerspace units/lessons, upload to Schoology


To Read
To Do
  • attend Google Expeditions training
  • Makerspace set up and ready to go
  • displays for beginning of school year

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    1. I didn't grab this one before I left for the summer. Gonna have to pick it up tomorrow when I go in for a few hours.