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Student Review: Katie and the Cupcake Cure by 5th Grade K.

Katie and the Cupcake Cure is about a girl who has no friends in middle school.  Katie loves to bake.  She especially like to bake cupcakes with her mom.  The first day of school goes terrible, her locker does not open, her friend Callie choose other friends and now she has no friends.  Then at lunch every thing changes she meets new friends Mia, Alexis, and some others.  They were so kind to Katie.  Then she found something in common about everyone that they all like cupcakes, so they formed a cupcake club.  A cupcake club is where you bake cupcakes for fun.  So now that they joined the cupcake club they have days for everyone to bring in different flavors of cupcakes.  The school made an announcement about a fundraiser for the school, so they have to make seventeen dozen cupcakes.  The club who makes the most money gets a prize. the end the.  At the end the Cupcake Club makes the most money and wins the schools sweatshirt.

I liked this book because I love to bake and it inspired me to go farther in my baking.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to bake.

-From 5th grader K. in Mrs. Rennix's ELA class